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A Meeting Place For All Things Game Design

Promote your skills as an artist, designer, play testers, etc..., Find talent on your game project or get help with publishing them... Game Smithy is a free meeting place for all things Game Design and Game Publishing

A Meeting Place For All Things Game Design

Hi, my name is John Coveyou and I am the creators of I made this site because I'm a game designer and I am continually searching for talented people to help with my game designs but it was always cumbersome and difficult. So I decided to create my own database that's free to use for the gaming community!

This is the beta-version of as we are still developing the site to completion. The database is free to access as is posting and adverting your skills and these services will always be free! In the future, there will be a small fee (something like $2 or $3 US dollars) to host a contest, a project and post advertisements (we need some money to keep the site running smoothly).

Please feel free to create a user profile and tell others about the skills you have to offer, and look through the current skills listed if you have needs for your current game creation process. If you see issues with site or think we can make the user experience better in anyway, please email me at and let me know!